10 creative ideas for organization of an online event

2020 made each of us reconsider the value of our time. It turned out that it was not necessary to hold daily meetings with employees, which lasted for hours, and it was possible to work from home. Corporate events also switched to online format, and it became impossible to dance on the table with a colleague or arrive late at the meeting because you wanted to sleep for 5 more minutes. Is it possible to transfer online everything that we love so much in offline events? We'll tell you how!

For your online event we prepared a few ideas that will appeal both to intellectuals and the most restless employees.

For puzzle lovers
1. Google maps quest. We choose a location (a landmark, a natural place, etc.), create a legend and give a task that is done with the help of "street view", where the employees examine the location and look for the answer to the question.
This is a quest made by Google but in offline format
Оформление презентации
Сценарий презентации
Ментальная карта
2. Crazy midnight dancer. Similar to «Guess the song». It is a musical quest, where participants should guess famous singers and their songs.
3. Digital trip. We post several interconnected riddles/puzzles/easter eggs on the Internet. The participants solve the puzzles one by one and get the keys to the next puzzles.
This is a virtual door that transports you to any place in the world, it is a very interesting thing
For the most intelligent
1. Quiz-please. Intellectual game for the employees about the company, its sphere, inc, etc.
Here they guess the songs
3. Fitness ecstasy. Our coach shows exercises for the participants, they should repeat them and crack the code.
For the most creative
1. «Like in the film». We choose a famous film (according to the concept of the event) and choose 5-10 screenshots from it with the most famous scenes. The task of the participants is to make a cosplay of these photos using tools available at home.
An Asian guy who makes cheap cosplays
2. PPT karaoke. Integration of a story/report into a film unknown for the speaker. (Write a comment so that we could send you presentations)
3. Meme-album. The participants are supposed to use photos from personal archives of the company and think of funny titles for them. After that, they choose the most successful ones and create an album.
Visual materials
You can show the most famous film scenes that became memes.

Improvisation wheel.
A participant gets a random singer and a song of another singer. He needs to sing this song in the manner of the singer that came up on the wheel.
Online format is a new reality and we need to adapt it according to our business tasks. Holding events in this reality doesn't mean that you will need to listen to a boring report for several hours, trying to entertain yourself with a "Solitaire". On the contrary, it is a chance to use all digital instruments in interaction with your employees and partners.

If you know other cool ideas for online events, text us!
2. Emoji-quiz. A big puzzle/series of puzzles created with emojis.