Company's Birthday party in a hybrid format


We organized an event for
The task
To conduct a corporate birthday party in a hybrid format (online + offline).
Number of employees: 500.
Location of the shoot: St. Petersburg.
Geography of viewers: worldwide

The client's biggest request:
The company turned 5 years old, so something special had to be prepared - a themed party in an evening show format, summing up the past 5 years and to provide a variety of interactions.

Importantly, this was the company's first experience of holding a hybrid event.
In order to engage the audience, we needed a theme that would be both familiar and relatable to everyone. We suggested several themes: cyberpunk, Italian night and "Back to the Future". But it was the retro theme of the 80s and 90s that felt most appealing to them.
Despite the hybrid format, we attempted to prepare a program that would fully immerse the participants in the atmosphere through music, visual content, the host's look, general dress code of the event, and we even had a retro-radio on. But first things first
The solution
Cyber tournament
One week prior to the event, we held a cyber tournament. We launched a website where everyone could follow the games, we broadcast the finals live and recruited professional commentators who did an excellent job and entertained the audience with their snappy jokes.
Structure of the event and script
Online radio
To prepare participants for the transport back in time, we launched an online radio broadcast on the day of the event, collecting employee playlist wishes, "cheers" and greetings to the company and colleagues beforehand. In total, the broadcast went on for 2.5 hours. Some 200 people joined the broadcast and left positive feedback.
Hybrid corporate party in the evening show format
The evening show format was chosen to maximize interaction with participants and to link the different parts of the show.

The event was divided into two parts: the present and the past. In the "present", we played up the content part: we talked about the results of work and the company's plans. Then we made a transition to the "past" - the interactive part: we dressed up the host in a retro costume, reminisced about old music, movies, commercials and games.

We invited a professional host, a member of the improvisational show, who perfectly played out even mishaps with the guests during the broadcast.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have successfully implemented various formats of online projects