Creating a 3D video about automotive glass


We produced a 3D video for
The task
Elena Toropova, NordGlass Marketing Director, approached us with the task of creating a 3D video about NordGlass automotive glass. The purpose of the video was to show potential customers the advantages of NordGlass glass: European quality at an optimal price. The video would be used for an advertising campaign across social media.
We arranged a call with the client, filled out a quick questionnaire, discussed the main requirements and recommendations for the video. We then researched the market, highlighted the key advantages of the brand and created several creative concepts for the video.

The client approved the concept and we set about writing the voiceover. Once approved, we made a director's script and added action descriptions for each frame.

Our motion designer then developed a visual storyboard based on the script. The client approved the script and the storyboard and we moved on to create the animatic - a simple clip with minimal details. This was needed for the client to approve the camera movement throughout the clip.

Upon approval of the animatic, the motion designer began to work through the still shots - individual frames in the video. With still shots, the client could clearly see how the frame from the final reel would look and approve it or make adjustments. The colors were chosen to match the overall NordGlass style.

After that, we combined the animation with the still shots: we added all the details, 3D elements, colors and textures. We presented it to the client. Upon approval, we added the 2D elements: captions, pictures.

The narrator recorded the voiceover, and the sound engineer worked on the sound design and music for the video.
The solution
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