Involvement of spectators on any event is one of the most important criteria for the organizers of the event. For online events this criterion becomes even more important because it is more difficult to hold the attention of the audience in case of remote participation.

What can we do in order not to lose the attention of the audience during long translations?

7 ideas and instruments for involving the audience during online events

Give the participants a chance to communicate with each other
Open chats directly in the translation, add reactions to the stream, create chats in messengers - guests should feel as if they were on an offline event.
Alternate content and entertainment
Here the school system comes in handy: 40 minutes of the "lesson", 10 minutes of the "break". This way you will not overload your spectators with information and will keep their interest in the event. Ideally, you should add an element of interaction with the content to the whole event.
Add more interactive activities
It doesn't need to be games, the most important is that the spectators feel that they are in touch with the content during the event. The audience should have an impression that they can influence the flow of the event. This way you will motivate the guests to stay until the end.
For maximum involvement of your spectators add plenty of entertainment for every taste.
Launch a website with a game based on your event with prizes for the winners. It will add enthusiasm and increase the interest of the guests.
The event website. Add a separate link on your landing page so that your guests can find the game easily.
What you can use:


Offer your guests to become creators and show their works to the whole world (or at least to all the translation viewers).The exhibition can consist of pet photos, personal works or even memes.
Online exhibition
What you can use:
The event website. Also add a separate link with a form where the participants can send their photos and see the whole gallery.
The principle is the same, but the content can be different for every game. Guess films by shots with cats, find the names of favourite songs in emojis, solve logical puzzles and many other things.

A hint: you can make a simple survey based on the translation materials, where a winner can get a valuable prize.
Quizzes and questionnaires
What you can use:
The simplest and the best solution for your quizzes: one question and several options of answers.
Great service because there you can use different types of questions, add pictures, video, links and music. There is lots of space for creativity!
Spectators become real detectives and start solving the mysteries with their team. Make a real competition for a prize between the teams.
What you can use:
Translation with a possibility to enter breakout rooms. Divide all the guests into teams and add a moderator to each of them. This way every team will be able to do the tasks at their own pace.
Give your guests a task that seems impossible at the first sight and you will see how their interest is rising: offer them to find a way from one topic to another in Wikipedia, using the minimum possible number of clicks or minimum time. For example, from Michael Jackson to the Nobel Prize.
What you can use:
Bingo cards with tasks for the translation. Limit the time for completing the task and make a competition for the fastest filling of the card.
Networking is an important part of an event. Do you want to leave your guests for a talk? Offer them several thematic online bars. This way the participants can move from one online location to another, like in real life, and meet and have a talk with other participants of the translation.
Online bar
What you can use:
Translation with a possibility to enter breakout rooms. Decorate every room in a recognizable way so that the guests can feel the difference and fully enjoy the communication with each other and the barman.
If you need to end your event on a lyrical note, offer your guests to fill the board with wishes for each other or for the company. During live translation the presenter can read the cutest messages and this way improve the mood of the audience.

There are a lot of ways of interaction with the audience, but the choice of one of them depends on the peculiarities of your event and your audience. Study your audience and choose what suits you in particular.
Wish board
What you can use:
Register, create a board and send a code to the viewers - your wish board is ready
Add cards corresponding to the number of translation viewers and permit editing. The guests will be able to add not only text, but pictures as well.
The more you permit the participants of the event to take active part in it, the more interest they show. Do everything you can to make your online event similar to an offline event, vary the content as much as possible, and then the guests will definitely be satisfied with the translation.