Before the quarantine we thought that online events are something boring, monotonous and senseless. Everyone switches off their cameras, mutes microphones and minds their own business. But with the course of time we understood all the advantages of remote events and their importance for the company.

Top 5 formats of online events, or what are the advantages of organizing an event online?

1. Scale of the event. Now you can invite guests all over the world to your event, there are absolutely no limits. Would you like to become a participant of a music festival in California, even though you are in China? Now you do not need to spend 15 hours on the way, you just need to click on the link and start listening to your favourite singers.
2. Comfort of the participants. You can join an online event even if you are in bed or at the wheel. What is more, you do not need any special preparations: choose a suit, make hair styling, brush your teeth. The most important condition is the comfort of the viewers.
3. Participation of the audience in the programme. On average, attendance of online events is 29% higher than that of offline events. During the virtual show all your guests, regardless of their number, can take part in the entertainment. It is rarely possible during offline events.
4. Frequency of events. Online events take less time for preparation and thus can be organized more often than offline events.
5. Branding. During an online event it can be literally everywhere - corporate backgrounds, virtual masks, speakers' presentations or studio branding. In modern realities it will be not only effective but also stylish.
6. Variety of formats. The abilities of participants are almost unlimited in a virtual world. The viewers can become the explorers of unlimited abilities of online instruments: from simple quizzes to creating music and their own virtual masks.
What formats of online events can be used?
The originality of the idea for an event - is a key to success for the organizer. The more interesting and unusual the interaction with the audience, the more probable it is that they will come back for a new interactive experience to you again. To diversify your online event and attract the attention of the audience, you can use some of the most entertaining formats:
An event in metaverse
It is a new trend in modern reality. In the meta world the participants can do the same as in the real world but with unlimited physical abilities. You can become someone who you have always been afraid to be, try something that you have never done before, visit some places where you have never been before.
Evening show
Your favourite Late Night Shows with charismatic presenters get closer. You can diversify a classical event with speakers' presentations and invite them to an interview, play funny games with the guests in the studio and the spectators and even invite a music group. Everything is like in the real evening show with the only difference: now it is the show of your company.
Sport marathon
Maintaining health and interacting actively with the members of your team, competing for the main prize and achieving sport records - this is what awaits the participants of an online sport marathon. And the most pleasant result is a better shape of your body. And all that in online format!
Cyber tournament
With the help of game mechanics it is easy to relax and distract the translation viewers from their routine. Besides that, a cyber tournament is a great option for team building and meeting with different people. This is how you can organize original team building with a simple online game.
TV game
Bringing a famous TV program to your event is not a problem anymore. Your spectators can try to find the treasure of Fort Boyard, show their knowledge in the "100 to 1" game or try to win in the "Weak link" game.


The development of online events creates new formats that can transform even the most boring conference into an interesting interactive event. During an online event you can realize any idea, even the craziest one.