About the task

Prepared a presentation and speech at the forum

Our client is a company located in China and engaged in the distribution of various consumer goods to CIS countries

A company founder approached us and told us that next month he ll be speaking at a business forum to potential clients and competitors. He ll have 20 minutes to make an impression, so we need to prepare a presentation and think up a speech for it

About the decision
We had 4 weeks to deliver the project, so in week 1 we focused on understanding the task, as well as in-depth interviews with the client to write the basic structure for the speech and presentation. In week 2 we wrote all the content for the presentation and also agreed the speech. In week 3, we focused on creating the visual concept for the presentation, layout and animation of the slides.
In the final week 4, we prepared the necessary instructions and final files for the event, as well as checked the speaker's performance
When presenting complex topics, it is always important to find an easy and understandable metaphor that will help the speaker to get the point across. We knew that men are the main part of the audience, so we proposed the concept of Formula 1 - this image is familiar to everyone and has an engaging visualisation
About the concept
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Understanding the task
Creative concept
Public speech
Visual concept
Slide design
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
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