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We made a presentation for the Tinkoff affiliate programme
We developed an annual report presentation for Qatar Development Bank
We prepared a presentation and a speech for a forum presentation
Magnum Oil
We attracted investments with the help of a presentation

We change the way we think about the usual steps in project work to exceed your expectations:

You must first write your enquiry in detail and leave a request on the website so that we can scrutinise the materials and schedule an appointment or a call to ZOOM
Our common task here is to discuss all the details "ashore". We define the purpose of the presentation and choose the target audience to which the information will be directed, find out how the presentation will be used: for speaking, sending by mail or as handouts
Signing a contract
It is important to put all verbal agreements on paper so that neither party has any claims against the other. As a rule, we work on a 50% prepayment basis
Creative concept
At this stage our scriptwriter together with the designer come up with the main idea and metaphor through which we will tell your story in the presentation. This is the main stage of the project, so the final result depends a lot on it
The baton is then passed to the writer and editor, where they work together to create the overall structure, write the text for each slide and end up with a finished presentation without design. Of course, everything is coordinated through meetings, as well as ZOOM calls
In the beginning, our designer will show 2−3 slides to agree on a unified presentation style, on the basis of which the whole presentation will be made. We can layout and animate beautiful slides in different programmes: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi. Don’t worry, at the end we will make a short training on how to properly work with the final file

The price of slides design will be forgotten in a month, but emotions will last forever

Kudos for creating the presentation for the Tinkoff partners! Everything was done well and quickly. I am satisfied with the work and communication with the team!
Alexey Balashov,
Project Manager at Tinkoff
The most creative and professional guys in town for creating super presentations!
Anton Storozhenko,
Managing Partner of Spencer Stuart
Thank you to the team for helping us create such a project. I would like to highlight their work with the content and its further packaging.
Anastasia Vasilieva,
Dostavista manager
18 reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews

4 reasons why customers choose prez from Svyazi

Work experience for all industries

There are no markets we haven t done presentations for. Large and fast-growing businesses trust us and know that we will instantly immerse ourselves in their specifics

An integrated approach like in the film

We are not at all about slides in Powerpoint. We help at all stages of preparation: writing the script, visualising meanings, preparing speakers for the performance

Communication in any form

We work with all formats regardless of the purpose and viewer of the presentation: video, Powerpoint, Keynote, printed brochure, live performance, etc

A team of professionals

The project team consists of writers, designers and managers. A minimum of 3 people will work on your project. Freelancing is evil