We organized a CS:GO tournament with broadcasting of the finals

Solit Clouds

We organized a cyber tournament for
The task
To organize a two-day corporate cyber tournament for Solit Clouds on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And also, to broadcast the matches on YouTube.
First and foremost, cyber tournaments are entertainment for people. With the help of any game mechanics, it is very easy to relax and distract employees from their routine. In addition, a cyber tournament is a great way of team building and getting the different departments of a company to know each other. This is how a simple online game can be used for an authentic team building exercise
The solution
A few days before the main games we organized practice games for the teams. During the 2 hours of games, the tournament participants were able to get to know each other, think through the strategy of the game and "get their hands on it".
Structure of the event
Conducting a cyber tournament
We held the cyber tournament in two stages.
On the first day, there was a qualifying round - 4 hours of games - where the finalists were determined. They participated in the next stage of the cyber tournament. On the second day, final games were played to win the tournament. On day 4 of the finals, we organized a broadcast with two commentators.
For the broadcast, animated patches were created which ran at the beginning of the programme and during the course of the broadcast. Professional commentators were recruited for the broadcast. They created an atmosphere for players and spectators and talked extensively about the course of the game. The final match broadcast featured a few interesting facts about each player that we gathered a few days before the tournament. An active broadcast chat moderator was on hand to answer questions from the audience and quickly relay the messages to the commentators.

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