Production of an animated video about the service


We produced a video for
The task
Kirill Ostrovskiy, AGC Business Development Manager, asked us to create a two-minute animation with 2D graphics about the new Dozor service. The video would be used for an external audience, so it needed to communicate the functionality of the product in a clear and understandable way.
We studied extensively the target audience of the commercial and the product - an intelligent platform for smart car windows to reduce the costs of carsharing owners. Based on that, we developed a creative concept for the animated video.

Having agreed on the concept with the client, we set about writing the narration and the script. Our task was to keep the details important for the audience, using simple language and a minimum of professional terms.

At a meeting with the client, we agreed on the voiceover text, selected the voice actors for the Russian and English versions of the video, and made the necessary corrections to the text.

In one day, our scriptwriter supplemented the script with actions in the frame, and at a meeting with the illustrator, we discussed the possibility of their implementation and the deadlines. Simultaneously with the illustrator's work, we sent the text to the voice actors for voiceover recording.

In two days’ time, the team of illustrators developed a graphic concept for the video and presented sketches with character images, style and color palette to the client - a dark blue and light blue palette was chosen for the video at a meeting with the client.

After the client approved the sketches and made corrections to the director's script, the animator started to work out the details, graphics and characters' actions. To make it easy for the client to observe the visualization of the project, we used the project board on Miro website.

We merged the video and the voiceover text, and the animator completed the reel with transitions and motion. The final stage of the agency's work was to create the English version of the video and to agree on the final work with the client.
The solution
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