We developed 3 turn-key automotive glass landing pages for AGC


We developed a package of landing pages for
The task
Elena Toropova, AGC Marketing Director, approached us with a request to create 3 AGC product landing pages:
1) AGC. Glass of original Japanese quality;
2) NordGlass. European quality glass;
3) Bor. Glass for Russian vehicles.
Previously, the company had one general website with brief information on each product. The task was to create separate landing pages for all 3 products for the convenience of potential customers, and to provide comprehensive information about each brand on the landing pages
We started out by writing the overall structure of each landing page. We approved it with the client and moved on to the full script stage: we outlined all the text that should have been on the landing pages. We then agreed on the script, made some adjustments, and our designer set to work.

In the visual concept, the designer drew on the brands' guidebooks. But at the same time, we introduced a number of additional visual elements that were in line with design trends in 2020. The client approved them and the team set about creating the storyboards for each of the landing pages.

The work then moved to the layout designer. The Tilda platform was chosen for making layouts for the landing pages. It is a simple tool that the client can then use on their own. We make adaptive layouts. This means that the page layout displays equally well on any device: a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. We also managed to optimize our time and the client's time, since we did all the processes for the three landing pages simultaneously
The solution
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