Development of a presentation and corporate identity for a construction company

Bug Engineering

As a result, we developed the PowerPoint presentation in 18 days
We developed a presentation for
The task
Maria Avdeeva, the company's director, asked us to package their business into a presentation to show to potential clients and to be used in bidding rounds
First, we developed a corporate identity to give the company a recognizable image: we decided on a minimalistic and sleek style. Next, we structured the presentation to deal with construction problems and suggested solutions. That structure was the basis for a presentation script supplemented by case studies.

A photographer from our agency conducted a tour of all the retail and restaurant locations that the construction company worked with and took photos after having coordinated the shoot dates. Our designer prepared a concept of several slides, approved them with the client and finalized the presentation. Upon approval, an animated version was produced to be shown at a meeting with the client
The solution
The outcome