We helped a fuel company to attract investments with the help of a presentation

Magnum Oil

We developed a PowerPoint presentation in a month's time, taking into account all the client's wishes. We adapted the slides to the investors' anticipated requests and supplemented the presentation with custom design.
We developed a presentation for
The task
Alexei Panin, founder of oil products supplier Magnum Oil, approached us with the task of developing a presentation. It would be emailed to potential investors and should reflect the company's core values and marketability to investors
Since the presentation would have to be sent to investors by email, we chose PowerPoint as the universal format and most widely legible on all devices.

At the first online meeting with the client, the agency's scriptwriter filled out a brief and suggested a draft presentation structure that suited the client. A draft script was written in two working days and was approved at the second meeting. Revisions were made and financial information about Magnum Oil was added to the script.

Based on the approved structure and script, our agency's designer drafted the first three slides and validated them with the client during an online meeting. Based on the client's preferences and the company's brand book, the designer created the presentation slides, complete with custom icons and a visual metaphor. Using the metaphor combined with storytelling, the presentation conveyed the image of "Magnum Oil" as a technological company with high professional expertise.

The client's wishes to make several information slides that can be hidden and rearranged if necessary, were also taken into account when preparing the slides.
The solution
The outcome