Developing a presentation for investors


We developed a turnkey presentation in 2 weeks
We developed a presentation for
The task
We were approached by the project manager of MGIMO, with the task of creating a presentation about the new school-laboratory within the university. The presentation would be used to accompany the speaker's presentation and would also be sent to potential investors via email. The goal was to spread the word about the school and to encourage investors to contribute to the project
We held the first meeting, provided guidance and suggested our concepts on which the work could be based. We developed a presentation structure based on those concepts. In 3 days we drafted a script that met the client's request and approved it without any revisions. The agency's designer created a PowerPoint presentation in 6 days, and through continuous dialogue with the client selected a graphic metaphor that fitted perfectly into the content. With this presentation the client went to the investors
The solution
The outcome