for brands that want to be on trend

Developing creative CGI and VFX videos

We take care of the production of complex graphic videos: from idea to publication

We focus only on 3 major video formats for Reels:


Companies partnering with “Svyazi” Agency

Companies partnering with "Svyazi" Agency

We don’t just create viral videos and content, we solve our clients' business problems in the media space

If the trend with Reels is new, the workflow is calibrated like clockwork:

Leave a request on website or in any of our social networks to start the process of creating a graphic clip
Then we will hold a meeting or consultation on ZOOM to discuss all the details of the project
Signing of the contract
We fix all terms of co-operation in a contract with an advance payment of 50%, so that each party has its own rights and responsibilities.
Creative concept
At this stage, our team of writers and designers develop the main idea and metaphor. This is the key moment that determines the final result of the video
Scenario and structure
Next, our team of scriptwriters, led by a creative director, develops the overall structure of the video and writes the text for each scripted element. All the details are agreed with you in meetings or ZOOM consultations
Production and editing
We develop 3D models, animations and special effects according to the approved script. In the process, we provide you with intermediate results for your approval. After the editing is completed, we will provide you with a video for your review

We used to be praised by our parents for good grades in school, but now we are praised by our clients for excellent projects

Thank you to the Agency’s team and personally to Ilya Zmienko for the excellent work! The quality of workmanship is at a high level!
Ekaterina Romanova,
Senior Account Development Manager at AGC
Colleagues, thank you for your skill, professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and great service! I am immensely happy that it was with you that we walked this important mile!
Irina Somova,
HRD Okay
The guys grasped the essence of the task well. They met the deadline and made a cool animated video that tells the essence of our sophisticated product in simple words and what its value is.
Victor Sokovnin,
Head of Business Development B2B-Center
18 reviews
19 reviews
11 reviews

4 reasons why clients choose us as a partner for their CGI videos:

Wide experience in different areas

In 8 years of work, there is not a single area we have not worked with: from construction companies to the IT business. That’s why our clients appreciate that we can speak to them in a language they understand

Clear communication

Our main principle is to make the process of working with us easy, simple and clear for the client. We choose convenient time slots for meetings, make statuses and summaries of the calls

We help the client

For us, a client is a partner whom we want to help and not to meet our KPIs for selling the right service. We conduct in-depth interviews to understand in detail which product and solution will solve the request and achieve the desired result.

Professional team

We are engaged in a new field and visual technologies, which started to develop rapidly in the recent past. Our young team quickly learnt modern tools and how to apply them to the client’s advantage.

We write authored content on the blog to talk about complex things in simple language: