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Comprehensive production of virtual events in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi at any level of complexity

Helping businesses organize and conduct online events

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have successfully implemented various formats of online projects

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Agency's Best Cases

We organized the Company's Birthday party in the Roblox metaverse
We held a cyber tournament for employees in CS:GO
We organized the Company's Birthday Party in a hybrid format
Ariel Metal
We organized an online New Year's Eve corporate party with a summary of the year's results

If you want to get a great project in out, it is important to follow these 6 steps:

In an ideal world: there are still 1-2 months before your project date so that we with the team can quietly come up with an interesting idea and also ensure quality implementation
At this stage we make a face-to-face meeting or a call to ZOOM to "check the clock", to know all the requests and wants, and also right at the meeting we can show the guidelines that we can offer from our side: from hybrid event to meta-universe.
Signing of the contract
We put all our agreements in writing so that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities on the project. By default we work on a 50/50 basis
Creative concept
On the basis of all the information about the future event, our scriptwriter and creative director come up with the main idea of the evening: from a broadcast in the style of "Evening Urgant" to an online event in the concept of "Harry Potter". At this stage, we agree on the key idea and interactives
Script and graphic creation
Here we define the platform of the event, prescribe the full path of the participant and structure of the event, then write the technical script and take into production all visual content: from website and plaques to animated screensavers and videos
Organising an online event
A few days before the event, we conduct a technical run-through, where we eliminate all the mistakes and rehearse the entire script. On the day of the online event, we gather the team in advance to prepare everything necessary. It is important to remember that 90% of the success of the event lies in its detailed preparation

The cost of the event bill in KSA&UAE will be forgotten in a week, but emotions and memories will last forever

The Burning Man Festival branch was launched expressly on the Ariel Metal's birthday! We turned 32 years old this year! Thanks to the team!
Marina Goncharova,
HRD Ariel Metal
The Svyazi team organized several online activities for our company to mark the Company's birthday. The tasks were not easy, but the guys did a great job. We do hope we'll work together again!
Alexandra Koslavskaya,
Playgendary Event Manager
I especially want to mention the professionalism of the guys. Everything was organized so smoothly and awesome that our staff members are still thoroughly impressed!
Natalia Lopatko,
HR Manager at Brixo
18 reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews

4 reasons why we are trusted for online events:

Experience of working in different areas

There are no industries for which we ve not organised events. From the IT sector to government companies trust us and know that we will quickly get involved in their task.

Clear communication

We listen and hear the customer, so we don t sell what you don t need. It is important to us that your employees are happy at the event

Continuously improving the work process

We re a young, ambitious team and thanks to constant feedback from clients, we adopt new technologies and practices that improve the quality of projects

A team of professionals

Typically, a project involves 12 people: producer, director, scriptwriter, editor, designer, camera team, CGI specialist and others

We are living through projects, not just doing our job