We organized the Company's Birthday party in the best traditions of the Sicilian Mafia


We organized an event for
The task
To hold an offline corporate party for the Company's Birthday.
Number of employees: 70
Location: Moscow

The client's main request:
To unite the team after the pandemic separation, to motivate the employees to work in the office and communicate with their colleagues live.
One of the principles of any decent mafia clan is "one for all and all for one". After the quarantines, we all lacked real-life interaction. For this reason, our task was not just to hold a dramatized corporate party, but to remind the employees that they are all part of a big family. The theme of the turbulent 1920s, the Mafia, spunky jazz music, poker and coin tossing - that's what brought everyone together that evening
The concept
The clashing of clans
To fully immerse ourselves in the Mafia world, we divided all the guests into four clan teams using card suits. The goal of each team was to beat all the others, establish their dominance and win the prize
Structure of the event
What happens in Palermo, stays in Palermo
No Mafia is complete without the clinking of chips and the rustling of banknotes at the city's most exclusive casino! It was all done to the best of traditions - blackjack, poker and even hamster races. For betting, we handed out envelopes with fake money to all participants at the outset of the party
As the songs flow
What could be better than to sip gourmet wine to the sound of your favorite tunes? While guests were enjoying their meals and conversations, a guest cover band performed for them